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Visa to Ukraine

Please note: Visa support for Study In Ukraine is provided only for applicants who apply throw

After the enrollment procedure is complete, the student will receive by express mail DHL and/or TNT the original invitation/admission letter of enrollment, and all documents that are necessary for the Student Visa request.

Ukraine Student Visa “Application Basic Requirements”:

  • Visa Application form – in Embassy.
  • Original valid passport
  • 3 photographs (3x4cm)
  • Original invitation letter sent to you by express post
  • Medical health certificate*
  • HIV/AIDS Results*
  • Certificate of Completed Higher and/or Secondary Education*

The above documents should be translated to Ukrainian or Russian languages and legalized from ministry of foreign affairs of your country, before applying to the embassy*.

This is a general list of requirements for obtaining your Ukraine student visa.  A complete list must be obtained by contacting the Ukrainian Consulate in your jurisdiction as requirements vary for each Consulate.

Processing time

The average processing time for visas is 1 to 15 days. Rush processing is also possible.

How to Read your Ukrainian Visa?

Notice: Upon receipt of your Ukraine Visa from the Ukraine Consulate you will need to use this Ukraine Visa How to read photo reference to assist you in verifying that your Ukraine Visa has the correct dates that will allow you to enter the Ukraine per your schedule. It is important that you check the Item # 7 Valid of entry. Our company is NOT RESPONSIBLE for mistakes made by the Ukraine Consulate. Be assured we will assist you in all and any manner possible to work with the Ukraine Consulate to correct any possible inaccuracy.

  1. PLACE OF ISSUE (Location of Ukraine Consulate).
  2. No OF ENTRIES (Number of entries allowed into the Ukraine):
    (1) - single entry Ukraine visa (valid for one entry).
    (2) - double entry Ukraine visa (valid for two entries).
    (M) - multiple entry Ukraine visa (valid till date of expiration)
  3. TYPE (purpose of travel):
    T - Ukraine Tourist Visa
    O – Ukraine Study Visa
  4. SURNAME - Last name in Ukrainian/English
  5. GIVEN NAME -First name in Ukrainian/English
  7. VALID (You may enter the Ukraine on this date or any time after but prior to expiration):
    Day . Month . Year
  8. VALID UNTIL (You must exit the Ukraine on or before this date):
    Day. Month. Year
  9. VISA #
  10. SEX
  11. DATE OF BIRTH Day. Month. Year
P.S: Ukrainian visas are not valid in the Russian Federation, and Russian Federation visas are not valid in Ukraine. As a general rule, visitors requiring visas should apply before travelling – Check Back with Us befsore travelling.