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Student Life

Student Life, that's the living and learning that takes place outside of the classroom and it's a big part of your college experience.

It includes where you live, how you make connections, and that hard-to-define essence, or culture that separates Ukraine from other countries. Ukraine has its own ambience.

The friendly attitude of your professors and peers, and the companionship you feel when people call you by name. It takes a whole community to graduate a student.

You might be thinking, "What kind of student chooses" Well, all kinds. We have athletes and academics and activists. Explore all the dimensions of what it means to be a student by browsing through our guides and services.

Money Matters:

Living costs

In order to live comfortably while you are in all over the Ukraine, the student will need to have about $USD1200 to US$ 1500 per year available for living costs, above the cost of your tuition. The cost of living is cheaper, lot more than other European cities. It is difficult to give a precise figure because of differences in the student lifestyle. We are giving approximate costs below


The stationary needed for student costs very low For example a bundle of 1000 rough papers costs 2 US$. Pen, Pencils other products are too cheap.


The books provided by University Library (included in tuitions fees).


A good Jeans costs 10-20$US, Shirts cost 5-15$US, T-Shirts cost 5-12US$


Food in Ukraine is very cheap for example; in 1.5US$ the student can buy 4 Kg of POTATOS, or 4 KG of ONIONS or 3 liter of milk etc. Milk products are very cheap as well

Travel in the city

The students' Travel Pass card on Government Transport (Subway Trains, electric Busses) is issued by Universities & costs only 5US$ in a month.

Travel around the country

The students are given a concession of 40% discounts from the normal price of Ticket in Trains, Buses etc.

International travel

The International student Card is issued right after the students get Admission in University. The students with International Student card are given concession of 30% from the normal price of Air Tickets.

Student Discounts in Ukraine:

Travel Discounts with the Ukrainian Student Card

Now that your travel insurance needs are covered, you can add thousands of worldwide discounts to attractions such as museums, cinemas, castles, national landmarks, cultural exhibits, transportation, and budget hotels with Ukrainian Student card.

Available for students, and youths aged 12 to 26.

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