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Distance Education

In today’s world distance education is very popular among students. All the major universities have introduced distance-learning programs for students. The system and its acceptability have revolutionized the process of study. Distance learning saves time and a student can study sitting at home or at workplace. It also saves money as the student does not have to buy textbooks but can avail all study materials online. The course fee is much less too. It is about 10% less than traditional study, attending classes at a university.

The Educational Activity of the student

The student who has enrolled for the distance education program is entitled to get access of all the study materials on the server. The study materials include lectures, references, assignments and training tests. Throughout the Academic Year the student works with the study materials and can consults the respective teacher regarding any clarification. The student can study being located anywhere. All he needs is a computer and Internet connection. He can sit at home or workplace and do his studies.

A student may also work at an educational-consulting center of the university located near his place of residence. A teacher will monitor the student’s progress based on the online assignments completed and working models.

A credit exam session will be held for the students of distance education course. It will be a personal face-to-face meeting with an examiner. The meeting will be held at the university campus and as well as in all the regional centers. The student may also meet his examiner according to his preference and convenience.

Remember, while a correspondent student has to come personally to the university four times a year for session consultations, a student enrolled for Distance Education needs to come to the University only once a year in May-June for session control.

If you need further clarifications on the topic or have any related queries, we will be glad to answer you. We look forward for cooperation.

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