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Why Partner with

Choosing to partner with benefits not only your students and faculty, but your Study Abroad office as well. We will help you to save time, money, and the hassle surrounding making sure your students, faculty, and staff are adequately covered for their travels abroad.

Enrolment is simple* admission letters are produced and sent right from our office to your participants’ mailing address, eliminating any work production on your end. support staff are always available to assist whatever your needs may be — we are available to help with general questions about admission benefits and claims or to provide online or on campus trainings. We will also work with you to create and provide useful pre-departure materials for your office. partners also receive discounted bulk pricing, making it affordable for students and applicants to receive great coverage and support.

Partners can be from Interested Senior High School’s, College’s, Companies or Individuals.

Offered Services to Partners:

  • Procurement of Invitation letter of study from accredited Universities
  • Information about the various faculties and universities of Ukraine.
  • Quick response for individual applications
  • Translation of Document
  • Assistance on Student Visa procurement
  • Pre-Departure information sessions

Discounted Bulk Pricing

We want to provide your students/applicants with both exceptional and affordable travel insurance for all of your students and applicants travelling abroad. When you partner with, there are no risk costs, nor additional/hidden costs beyond the one time discounted rate per 8-11 persons enrolled under our admission package. Then you may begin enrolling individuals under our package plans anytime!

Quick and Easy Enrollment

*Enrolment is quick and easy! Simply follow step by step admission.

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Welcome to Ukraine

HOTSTUDY is sharing Ukraine with the world, the State Ukrainian institutes and universities. HOTSTUDY promotes interest and confidence in Ukraine around the world. HOTSTUDY seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through strategic communication and exchange in the fields of culture, education, science and business.