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Additional Information

The regular registration period for foreign students' admission to the degree course starts on September 1st and ends on October 1st (in special cases the time of admission may be prolonged until February/March). Nevertheless, we recommend you to come to Ukraine for studying in the beginning of September.

Remember: You may have to attend extra classes in case you miss the regular lectures.

The standard academic year at the university consists of two semesters:

  • 1st semester between September/January 1st till January/April 20th
  • 2nd semester between February/April 5th till July/August 1st

Winter holidays last for two weeks (from January 21st till February 4th).

Summer holidays last for two months (July, August) every year.

Note: In cases it is found that the level of French or English of a student is not up to the satisfactory mark, and then the courses would be imparted in Russian/Ukrainian language.

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