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What's Included? offer the total study abroad experience! Every aspect of your study abroad program has been extensively planned for your convenience. Everything from housing and university enrolment, to weekend excursions and daytrips, is included when Apply Now for a programme. The following lists everything included on all summer, quarter, semester, and year programs.

  1. Superior Student Support
    • provides assistance in achieving each student’s academic and personal goals
    • Advisors work one-on-one with each student and his or her parents for a positive, stress-free experience
    • Students have access to a advisor who will assist with program selection
  2. Experienced Student Advising
    • All of Advisors have first-hand study abroad experience
    • Advisors are equipped to counsel and adequately prepare students for their time abroad
  3. Transferable Credits Issued By Accredited Foreign Universities
    • works with each student to find a program that best suits individual academic goals
    • Studying abroad with host institutions enables students to continue their education while experiencing a new culture and way of life
    • Students receive copies of their foreign transcripts upon completion of the program
  4. University Services
    • students are encouraged to become a part of the international student community at the host university
    • Services provided by host universities vary but typically include Internet access, computer labs, library facilities, reference materials, student cafeterias, and academic advising
  5. Centrally Located Student Housing
    • Each program includes housing in shared apartments or student dormitories
    • Fully-furnished dorms and apartments are equipped with the necessary basic amenities
    • All universities housing options are centrally located and within easy access to the host university
  6. Cultural Immersion Events
    • events strive to provide an in-depth perspective of the host culture by visiting sights that are popular among locals and tourists alike
    • hopes to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the host country and its customs
  7. Excursions
    • provides day and overnight excursions to surrounding regions of students’ host destination
    • Exploring these regions is an integral part of adapting to and appreciating the culture of the host country
  8. Mobile Phones
    • students are provided international mobile SIM cards after the arrive to Ukraine.
  9. Extensive Pre-departure Information
    • students receive an extensive pre-departure information packet
    • provides detailed information about the climate, customs, culture, passport and visa regulations, and Onsite Program Director of the destination city
  10. Onsite Program Director
    • Every student is coordinated by an Onsite Program Director passionate about introducing students to a new city and culture
    • Provides assistance with the host university, housing, and general city information
    • Lives in the host city year-round
  11. Arrival Orientation
    • Onsite Program Directors coordinate a city orientation and tour at the beginning of each program to familiarize students with their new surroundings and host university
    • During the orientation program, Onsite Program Directors will review health and safety information as well as cultural customs
  12. Comprehensive Health and Medical Insurance (mandatory enrolment for an additional fee)

All participants will be enrolled in a comprehensive medical insurance plan specifically tailored for study abroad students. Fee will vary based on the duration of the program. Complete policy information will be included in the confirmation packet and is available contacting us.

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